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Educational Toys to foster emotional intelligence and self esteem

Dear teachers, vendors, trainers, moms, dads, and most especially kids,

It is with great sadness that we write to wish you farewell!

LuluCo International, trading as Kimochis® brought the product as a 'blue skies' project to Australia in 2009. We introduced Kimochis® and the emerging awareness of emotional intelligence into every relevant sector.

To date Kimochis® products are used throughout the length and breadth of the Australia by:

• Over 4000 Australian schools using The Educator's Kit and Curriculum;
• Moms, dads and kids in uncountable families;
• Psychologists, social workers, occupational therapists, speech pathologists;
• Three Australian universities, who have conducted research into the efficacy and benefits provided by use of the product;
• Toy shops, pharmacies, florists, gift shops, hospital shops; and
• Schools and clinics for children on the autism spectrum.

It is sad therefore to announce, that the American Company which created Kimochis® has not been able to achieve this in the US and has terminated all international distribution. Instead it has decided to become a training organisation.

And so we thank you so much for your patronage over these past 7 years.

We still have limited product in our warehouse, which includes:
130 Mini Bug;
130 Mini Cloud;
1 Mini Huggtopus;
108 Mini Lovey Dove;
125 Mini Bella Rose;
125 Mini Clover;
49 Mixed Feelings Pack #3;
120 Cloud Books;
18 Cat Books;
500 Posters

These can all be purchased on our website at the Retail Price less a 25% discount. Please use the code FinalSale to ensure your discount.

When these have been sold, we bid you adieu!


We have 4 gigantic, oversized Bella Rose, Bug, Cloud and Huggtopus which stand about1.5 to 2 metres tall. If you are interested in purchasing any or all of them please call us on 03 9008 4699 to discuss.

With warmest regards,
The Kimochis Team – Australia